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Auto muck losing hands | Questions and Answers ... MackPDaddy: Hi Can someone just clarify for me that if I have the auto muck losing hands ticked that the other players are not seeing the cards, I'm on Full Tilt Thanks in advance Mack Introduction To Auto-Muck Losing Hands - pokerrrrapp.com We have updated Pokerrrr’s optional setting for what happens when one loses a hand. Now, losing hands will automatically be mucked (not shown) during showdown. However, you can still choose to show your cards like normal when turning on the option, just as you would choose to show them after everyone has folded. Muck - Muck - Poker Glossary Muck. Poker Glossary. 1. (n.) The area on the table where all of the dead cards are placed. Any hand that was folded and all burned cards are placed in the muck. 2. (v.) To throw your hand away into the muck. This term is often used when another hand is shown at the showdown that beats your hand. It can also mean to fold one's hand. what does the word muck mean in texas hold-em? | Yahoo Answers

Auto-Muck Losing Hand. If a player is participating in a showdown, and his hand is ranked lower than an already revealed hand, the player can opt to not show his losing hand to the other participants at the table. To enable this feature, the player must check the "Auto-Muck Losing Hand" box.

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What do Show, Muck and Auto Muck mean? You are here. Home » Help » Poker » What do Show, Muck and Auto Muck mean? If you lose a showdown you can choose to "muck" your cards. This means that you choose not to show the other player your cards. You can only muck if your turn comes after a winning hand in the showdown. What does Show, Muck and Auto Muck mean? This means that they lost, but choose not to show the other player their cards. A player can only muck if their turn comes after a winning hand in the showdown. You can also choose to "show" your cards even if you have lost. If a player has "auto muck" selected then when they loose a showdown their cards with automatically be mucked if possible.

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PokerStars Introduces UNFOLD Hold'em: Rabbit Hunting Is Mandatory! 13 Aug 2018 ... With UNFOLD Poker, players can recover their hands from the muck ... the regular hand are automatically included in the UNFOLD pot as well.